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We run beginners, intermediate and advanced classes.

Japanese lessons $20 per hour   Japanese private lessons $30 per hour

If you are enrolled in a course, lessons are $20 per hour + GST ($30 for private lessons)*. Lessons are between 11 am and 10 pm, Monday to Saturday.

* For individual classes with less than 6 lessons a term, lessons are $25 per hour + GST ($35 for private lessons)

If you have some experience of Japanese language, ring us to arrange a free no-obligation level assessment.

Free trial lesson available on request.

  • The textbook ‘Minna no Nihongo’ is recommeded, and required for the general courses.
  • Level checks to enter advanced classes are available at no charge.
  • Cancellations are non-refundable.
  • If you are unable to attend a lesson, you can arrange a replacement class. For group lessons there is no charge. One-on-one catch up lessons can be arranged for $22 by request.


General Course

Lesson frequency
No. students
Beginner 1 14 x 60 min (2 per week for 7 weeks)
* All levels 1–4, beginner to advanced are as above.

We run beginner, intermediate and advanced courses, each course is divided into four levels and runs for seven weeks each. The lessons contain a variety of learning methods including speaking, reading, writing, listening and conversational Japanese. New vocabulary and grammar are constantly introduced as appropriate. You will learn to communicate in a variety of situations, whether at work, school, college or in the local community.

Suitable if you:

  • want to learn skills in Japanese (reading, writing, speaking and listening);
  • have never studied Japanese before and want to know general ideas about Japanese;
  • have studied before but want to improve/brush up on your Japanese.

To see what is covered in beginner and intermediate levels please see course outline below.

* If there is only one student in the class this will become a private lesson.
* You can join a group as long as your level is suitable even if a new term has already started. So let us check your level if you wish to join!


Conversation Course / Travel Conversation Course

Lesson frequency
No. students
Beginner 7 x 60 min (1 per week for 7 weeks)
* All levels are as above.

We run beginner, intermediate, advanced and travel courses which cover a variety of topics. New vocabulary and expressions are constantly introduced. Examples of lessons are:

  • Beginner: basic skills e.g. introductions, shopping, daily actions. (No Japanese characters.)
  • Intermediate: natural expressions e.g. requests/advice/refuse politely, job interview.
  • Advanced: discuss a variety of topics. Look at formal and informal model conversation etc.
  • Travel conversation (run by request): situational conversation and culture for travelling in Japan.

Suitable if you:

  • are looking for opportunities to speak Japanese;
  • are interested to know and talk about Japanese lifestyle, culture and news;
  • want to focus on speaking and listening;
  • have already had general/private lessons but want additional speaking practice.

* If there is only one student in the class, this will become a private lesson.
* You can join a group as long as your level is suitable even if a new term has already started. So let us check your level if you wish to join!


Summer Intensive Course

Lesson frequency
No. students
Beginner 27 x 60 min (4 per week for 7 weeks)
* All levels are as above.

We run beginner, intermediate and advanced courses. With four lessons a week you will speed through similar content as covered in the general courses.

Suitable if you:

  • urgently need to learn to communicate in Japanese in a variety of situations;
  • have limited time;
  • want to learn quickly.

* If there is only one student in the class, this will become a private lesson.


JLPT Internsive Course

Lesson frequency
No. of students
All levels 27 x 60 min (4 per week for 7 weeks)

For students who want to prepare for internationally recognised Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

Suitable if you:

  • need to practise for the JLPT exam;
  • want to learn techniques on getting the right answers, during the exam, with limited time;
  • want to focus on reading and writing.


New Year Course

Lesson frequency
All levels 1 week in Japan

Focusing on Japanese culture and customs, you will have a unique chance to take part in festivals and to get to know Japanese intimately in their most important and favoured holiday season!

Suitable of you:

  • are looking for some cultural experience in Japan during Christmas and the New Year;
  • want to get motivated for the new year and witness the first sunrise of the year in Nippon.

See example of student schedule download New Year Course 2010 Program.doc.  

Private Lesson

Lesson frequency
No. of students
All levels 60 min (upon request)

This course is absolutely focused on what you want to learn. Teachers will always help you to make the best of your lesson, personalising each lesson to your specific needs.

Suitable if you:

  • want to learn Japanese at your own pace;
  • want to improve specific aspects of your Japanese skills;
  • want to use specific materials such as magazines, books and newspapers;
  • want to schedule lessons on an irregular basis.

Choose your Japanese course

A variety of classes to help you discover the best way to learn Japanese.


Step by step Japanese Melbourne learning method 


Pera Pera Japanese English exchange

Course outline: General


Beginner: みんなの日本語
(minna-no-nihongo) Level 1–25

Grammar Examples
Daily greeting, Introducing yourself, Numbers, Time/Date expression, Names of basic objects, Shopping conversations, Daily actions, Going out, Birthday (Greetings, farewells and special expressions), Giving and receiving, HIRAGANA reading ~は~です/じゃありません。~を(VERB)ます/ません/ ました/ませんでした/ませんか。
Impression and feeling (adjective), Like/dislike, Reasons, Counters, Family, Describe places/countries, Comparison/most, Expression of desire, Restaurant conversations, KATAKANA reading ~は(ADJ)です/でした/かったです/~のほうが(ADJ)です/~がいます/あります/ ~たいです。
Request and offering, Action in progress, Asking permission/expressing prohibition, Sightseeing situations, Daily actions, Describing people/things, Health (illness and physical Injuries), Expressing ability/hobby, talking about everyday experiences VERB て/ない/じしょ (dictionary)/ たFORM/ ~ています/~ないでください/~まえに、 / ~たことがあります。
Casual conversation between friends, Expressing ideas/information/opinion, Noun modification, Direction, Expressing gratitude, Talking about possibilities (Conditional) and the future. VERB Plain form  / ~とおもいます。~と、~/ ~とき、~/~てくれました。 もし~たら/ても~。

Intermediate: みんなの日本語
(minna-no-nihongo) Level 26–50

Grammar Examples

Review of Beginner, Requests, invitations and suggestions.

Job interview, How to refuse politely,

Trouble situations

Planning and preparing a party







Going out with friends, Giving advice and assistance, Hospital situation,

Reading Japanese signs,

Guiding people, Conditional expression, Recommendation,

Explaining your troubles








Maintaining a long chat in social situations, causes of accidents,

Conversations in meeting at office/school

Choosing right phrases in terms of Japanese Hierarchy,

Impression & natural feeling





Inquiries to public institution, Making complaints,

Asking delivery, Emotional expression,

Telling/listening to news, Expression through face senses,

Kids’ education, Business conversations




About us

Japanese Melbourne has many years of experience teaching Japanese. We provide experienced and qualified teachers to teach you the language. Our slogan is ‘Learn Japanese the way the Japanese learn it...’.

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