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Josh Temperman

Studying at Japanese Melbourne was a pleasure. In my time with Chika Sensei, I took both group and private lessons, and found that she tailored each situation to suit my individual needs, as well as the needs of the other students. It was refreshing simply to have a teacher who is trained, and knows what she is doing.

Chika Sensei’s varied experience in teaching Japanese means that she has the ability to not only answer difficult in-depth questions about Japanese grammar, but also make the class a smooth and fun learning experience. Classes with Chika Sensei are both professional and personal. At no time did I feel as though she was just running through the motions. In fact, I felt that Chika Sensei was personally involved in my progress, and actually enjoyed speaking to me in Japanese.

Study at Japanese Melbourne is pleasurable, personalised, professional and practical. I could not recommend this school more to Japanese language students.


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Students’ voice

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Japanese Melbourne has many years of experience teaching Japanese. We provide experienced and qualified teachers to teach you the language. Our slogan is ‘Learn Japanese the way the Japanese learn it...’.

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