About Japanese Melbourne Language School

JM has been operating as a Japanese language school in Melbourne for almost 15 years.

The school started with an Ikea LACK table in a storeroom from 2007 to now occupying the top level of a building in CBD with 11 classrooms.

We are an Australian school with a Japanese heart.
All of our teachers are native Japanese.

We are the first school to populate the ‘direct-teaching’ method in Melbourne.
The direct-teaching method immerses the students in a full Japanese environment.
As most Japanese don’t speak English in Japan (well, they do, they’re just really really shy most of the time), we teach our students to adapt and improve faster with the DT method.

Different people learn Japanese for different reasons: to prepare for a personal or business trip to Japan, to impress your Japanese father-in-law, to pick up another language as a hobby, to understand manga and anime, or simply to find out what exactly is an Oyako-don.

Rest assured we have the right course to get you on track.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu.

To find out when the next course is starting please contact us by phone at
04 30 103 660, email to admin@japanesemelbourne.com.au, or click here to schedule an online meeting.

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