Online lessons

We are currently offering a special ‘social distancing’ 4-week online private lessons. Please click here for details. 

All new enrolment will receive 5% off the first term and 10% off the second term. 

Can’t be bothered catching the train into the CBD? Need to stay home to study but also need a VCE intensive course? Want to learn Japanese together with your friends or family overseas? 

With over 10 years experience, Japanese Melbourne is one of the first language schools in Melbourne to offer online Japanese lessons. 

Similar to our face-to-face lessons, our online lessons employ the direct teaching method (using only Japanese during lessons), but tweaked with technology in mind. The internet allows our teachers to construct lessons with the aid of international news sites, online magazines, blogs, images and videos. Both teachers and students can also use search engine, digital libraries, and share files with each other in real time. 

How does this work

We email a personalised code for students to join an online chat*. In a group session, students will also be able to interact with each other. Students will also receive learning materials, homework and feedback via real time file sharing embedded in the app. 

If you are looking at learning Japanese at the comfort of your own preferred locations under professional guidance, this is the course for you. 

How to enquire online
1. Contact us at 0430103660 or email us at to organise an online video call
2. We will demonstrate our teaching process / perform level check through video call and send through necessary enrolment documents
3. Once invoice is paid student is officialy enrolled. 

Please refer to our fees here

Any further enquires please contact us at 0430103660 or
email us at

* Online lessons require internet connection, webcam and microphone