Japanese Melbourne Course Guide


General Japanese JLPT Exam
↓    ↳ JLPT N5
↓    ↳ JLPT N4
↓    ↳ JLPT N3
↓    ↳ JLPT N2
General 1
↓    ↳ JLPT N1
General 2  

Each course is designed to finish one year to one year and a half.

The first term of the General Beginner course covers travel conversations, where you can learn basic phrases such as asking for directions, engaging in shopping conversations, and making restaurant reservations.

After completing our General Japanese Beginner course, you’ll have the option to continue with the General Japanese Intermediate course or pursue the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Both options follow a structured format, allowing you to choose between a general focus or preparing for the JLPT.

In the General Japanese course, the emphasis is on conversation practice, listening, and grammar skills. The JLPT option focuses on studying Kanji, reading, listening, and grammar.

The choice between the two depends on your personal goals. If your focus is on practicing speaking and listening, the General course is sufficient. However, please note that the General course provides minimal writing practice. Choosing to study for the JLPT after the General course is a good opportunity to reinforce grammar, strengthen Kanji and reading skills, ultimately contributing to your ability to speak Japanese fluently in the future.

We have a well-defined curriculum for each lesson and a long-term goal to guide you on your Japanese learning journey.

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