JLPT Preparation Course 2024

Level requirement

N5 Prep class – students mush finish Minna no Nihongo B1 or equivalent level.
N4 Prep class – students must finish Minna no Nihongo B2 or equivalent level.
N3 Prep class – students must finish Minna no Nihongo I1 or equivalent level.
N2 Prep class – students must finish Minna no Nihongo I2 or equivalent level.
N1 Prep class – Please contact us.

JLPT lessons commence on the first week of every odd-numbered month. 

8th January 1st July
4th March 2nd September
6th May November – Mock Exams

Our JLPT Prep lessons commence in January, March, May, July, and September
. In November, we conduct mock exams to enhance your preparation. Our mock exams are just like JLPT – each component will take 25 to 30 minutes, and we will provide feedback after to help you tackle the official test.

Considering the JLPT in the future? Even if you’re not initially interested in taking the exam, our course is a valuable opportunity.

Choose between group and private options, each customized to meet your unique learning needs.

For JLPT Prep group lessons, we’ve developed a structured curriculum. If you’ve completed general studies but lack time for Kanji and grammar, focus on reading—review what you’ve learned and explore new material.

For JLPT Prep private lessons, we prioritize individual needs. Whether you have a Chinese background and need less focus on Kanji or excel in listening skills but require improvement in reading comprehension, we tailor the lessons to your specific areas of focus.

Let us help you in your journey to JLPT success.

To make a booking please contact us at 04 30 103 660, email us at
admin@japanesemelbourne.com.au or click here to schedule an online video meeting.