JLPT Preparation and Mock Exams

We offer JLPT mock exams during October and November.
So if you have enrolled in the examination or are interested in taking one in the future, the mock exams are a good way to assess your Japanese language skill against the exam levels.
We will test you just like a JLPT test. Each component will take 25 to 30 minutes and another 25 – 30 minutes after to provide feedback.

Levels & Dates

Oct morning Oct morning Nov morning Nov morning
N5 1st & 29th 4th 1st
N4 8th 11th 5th 8th
N3 15th 18th 12th 15th
N2 22nd 25th 19th 22nd

Time & Components

Morning Session Evening Session
Vocabulary & Grammar 10.40am – 11.30am 5.40pm – 6.30pm
Reading 11.40am – 12.30pm 6.40pm – 7.30pm
Listening 12.40pm – 1.30pm 7.40pm – 8.30pm

Fees – GST included. 20% off for current JM students.

1 component $35
2 components $56
3 components $70


To make a booking and any further enquiries please contact us at 04 30 103 660 or
email us at admin@japanesemelbourne.com.au