Studying in Osaka

If Kyoto was the city of the courtly nobility and Tokyo the city of the samurai, then Osaka was the city of the merchant class. Japan’s third-largest city is a place where things have always moved a bit faster, where people are a bit brasher and interactions are peppered with playful jabs – and locals take pride in this. Also, one word: Takoyaki.

Short Intensive Course

This course is for those who wish to learn basic Japanese in a short period of time.
The fee is 140, 000 yen per term.

Practical Course

Learn day-to-day practical Japanese, which focuses on speaking and listening. Can be taken with ‘Lifestyle Cultural Lecture’ at a discounted price.
The fee is 190,000 yen per term.

Lifestyle Cultural Lecture

These lectures help you understand Japanese culture through experiencing it. You may also learn unusual Japanese, which you don’t encounter from the textbooks. Can be taken in combination with ‘Practical Japanese Course’ at a discounted price.
The fee is 150,000 yen per term.

Business Japanese Course

This course covers the business side of the Japanese language, such as basic business honorific expression, pronunciation, and business writing, to advanced business conversations, phone conversations, and business manners. Minimum requirement of N2 level of Japanese is required. Can be taken in combination with ‘Job Placement Support Lecture’ at a discounted price.
The fee is 240,000 yen per term.

Job Placement Support Lecture

This lecture covers company job hunting, industry research, and company research. It will help you understand he Japanese recruitment process. Minimum requirement of approximately N2 level of Japanese. can be taken in combination with ‘Business Japanese Course’ at a discounted price.
The fee is 75,000 yen per term.

All Courses and lectures have intakes in April, July, October, and January.
Courses run for 10 weeks, and Lectures run for 8 weeks.
Students will receive a certificate after completing a course based on scores and attendance.
No certificate is issued for Lectures.



10 minutes walking distance from the school. Choose from a single room or twin room (two people). Starting at 120,000 yen per term. There’s a one-off entry fee of 60,000 yen and a deposit of 10,000 yen (refundable) is required. Utilities are included in the rent.
Bath, toilet, and kitchen area shared among 2-4 people.

Airport Pick-up

Not available.

How to apply

  1. Contact Japanese Melbourne and we’ll provide the necessary application forms.
  2. Complete the forms and provide a copy of your passport and 4 passport-size photos. 
  3. Applicants must apply 4 – 8 weeks prior to the opening date of the desired course. The deadline differs depending on nationality.
  4. Within a week, Japanese Melbourne will provide an invoice upon completion of procedures including accommodation arrangements.
  5. Pay deposit to Japanese Melbourne.
  6. Once confirmed with Osaka, pay full amount necessary for enrolment into the designated bank account. Remittance charges must be borne by students.
  7. International travel insurance is required.
  8. Receive entry permit, receipt, accommodation guide, and other documents.
  9. Takoyaki in Osaka!

For more information please contact us at 04 30 103 660, email us at or click here to schedule an online video meeting.